Grace Dieu Park Cricket Club Grace Dieuettes Ladies squad

The Grace Dieuettes were created in 2019 from a group of cricket mums. Whilst we were watching our children train in their winter nets, we thought it would be a great idea if we could have a go ourselves.

The solution was joining the Cricket Softball league and now, the Grace Dieuettes Softball Cricket team meet every Monday night for training.  The game is set on an U11 sized pitch, everyone gets the chance to bowl, bat and field and no one is ever out! Played with plastic bats and a soft ball there's never any need to wear whites or padded protection.

We have up to 30 ladies now signed up and attending regularly. So please come down to learn new skills, have a laugh and make new friends. 

New members are always welcome to the team, just pop down to the training for a warm welcome and an hour (ish) of drills, games and skills.  You can register interest through the website or on our facebook page @gracedieuettes

All shapes, ages, sizes, experience, fitness levels welcome.  The idea is to start to develop skills and learn  - The only essential ask is that you are able to have a laugh!

There are Softball festivals around the country that we can go to in order to compete and see how we go against other teams. The league is a friendly one,  consisting of free food, free drink and free t shirts for all participants. These are around and about and all have ladies playing who want to have a go at something new - some played before and others never played.

We encourage family participation, especially as active supporters in the festivals, picnic and watch the play.  Sunday afternoons sorted for the summer!  As we practice on a Monday, we also have bank holiday fun days where the family can come along, participate or just watch and have a drink and chill in the beautiful grounds.

We have an outdoor training season that runs from April to September (weather permitting) and are considering an indoor training session once a week over the winter months to keep us active for next season.  There is also a winter league that we can compete in.

We have a flexible weekly attendance, all of us with very busy lives, but the team training always gives us a great and positive end to a Monday!

Coaches: Dwain, Andy and Neil support our development and teach us some of the skills that support us to improve. We are always grateful too when the members of the First Team drop in to offer some advice when they can.

Click on this link to find out more about the sport and the festivals:  Softball Cricket - All About it!

Grace Dieuettes Ladies Grace Dieuettes Ladies

Captain : Clare Spence

Played Cricket as a youngster for the Buxton Boys Cricket team... haven't played for 30+ years since. Used to love team sports and since 'growing up' have supported my children's teams weekly. 

Grace Dieuettes has brought back my love of team spirit and playing within a team is ACE!

Vice Captain : Jo Griffiths

Started in the first session, give my all every Monday and really enjoying coming to the matches and the festivals. I am the team motivator by nature, I can be heard motivating from one end of the pitch to the other. I'm really quite competitive and have been known to dive for the ball, secure the catch and slog the ball.  Best of all... I have joined a team of like minded ladies and girls who are all in it for the fun. Great to be part of this team! 

Coach : Andy Radcliffe

One of the coaches for the ladies team of Softball Cricketers 

Hardball Coach : Ash Graham

BAT: Kookaburra Ghost / Woodstock
CRICKETING HERO:  Sir Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff

Ladies Coach : Emily Stanyard

TWITTER: @emilystanyard

Level 1 UKCC  certificated 
Cricket Coach First Aid STA
Safeguarding and protecting children certificated
CRB Checked
ECB CA  Member
Rochelle Brayshaw
I've always been very sporty but joining this team has been more than just about sports for me. It's been about getting out and meeting new people and making new friends. I've never played cricket once before joining this team, now I can't get enough!
Allison Chapman
Married to The hairy One and mum to two lively boys who also play cricket for Grace dieu. Im a bit loud and gobby and normally have way too much energy for my own good. My mouth says things before my brain engages but you take me as I am, like it or lump it. 
Lorraine Dennis
Officially have the smallest hands on the team! But I've been putting them to good use since we started the team! We meet, train, laugh and enjoy our time together. I've been a cricket and a rugby mum and now the kids and other half come and support me play! 
Joy McKee
Met Alison at SW and found myself joining a fabulously friendly club and having fun playing cricket (well - trying to).
I haven't been interested in ladies cricket before but this club makes it such good fun.
Jennifer Neville
I knew it would be a lot of fun the first night I turned up to training at Grace Dieuettes Ladies CC. Ally was sporting a 'Bat; Bowl; Field; Repeat' T-shirt and by the following week we were all wearing them. My arms always ache and feel truly stretched after our training sessions but I also think I get a lot of exercise through the fun and laughter we have on the field. Our Captain, Vice-Captain and Coaches are all super positive and encouraging and we'd welcome anyone who wanted to try their hand with a bat and ball. Howszat !!
Angelique Pendrill
Love sports and meeting new people.
Elsa Richards

Have always been happy playing bat and ball sports but mainly rounders/tennis/badminton. My only experience of cricket was being the target for my now grown up son to practice his batting/bowling when he played for school/club and no one else was available.

It would be fair to say, despite the surname, I am more Wendy Richards than Viv Richards but I am loving being part of this team

Roisin Spence
Admittedly I am not the sportiest person ever, but I have always loved playing sports. When the Grace Dieuettes was formed, I found that I didn't have to be the best and I could just turn up and have fun.  It is great to be able to play with my mum and team mates and I look forward to shouting RUN in every session we play! This game is great... you can never be out!
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