Grace Dieu Park Cricket Club - Club Mark

Grace Dieu Park Cricket Club proudly adopt the standards set out under the ECB's Clubmark framework and we are working towards being accredited by the end of the 2013 season.

More about the background to Clubmark:

The ECB continues to work with Sport England on the pioneering club accreditation scheme ‘Clubmark’ to develop a vibrant and healthy club cricket infrastructure.

By registering to work towards ECB Clubmark, GDPCC joined a growing number of cricket clubs across England and Wales that are prioritising junior development, creating a benchmark for high quality community club cricket.

There are a number of people and organisations who support our club through the ECB Clubmark process, including the County Cricket Boards, County Sports Partnerships and local Sports Development Units among others.

County Cricket Development Managers can help clubs through the process of achieving ECB Clubmark Accreditation. We are lucky to count on the help and guidance of our Cricket Development Manager and Professional Leicestershire Cricketer, Nathan Buck..

ECB Clubmark gives our club an opportunity to write and implement new procedures as well as acknowledge existing practices. As a Clubmark club we are required to present evidence and demonstrate implementation across four different themes, culminating in the production of a Club Development Plan - which is reviewed each year.

The four themes are:

* Duty of Care and Safeguarding Children - reassuring parents our club is a safe environment for sport.
* The Cricket Programme - what we aim to achieve each year with coaching and matches.
* Knowing your club and its Community – One Game
* Club Management - making sure as a group of volunteers we run ourselves effectively and for the benefit of all.

You will see through the website and at the ground we adopt a number of policies and procedures to help deliver these goals and objectives.


If you as a player, parent or supporter have any concerns about how the club is run and wish to make them known to a club official - there are a number of ways you can let us know:

Contact the Welfare Officer, Secretary, Chairman or person responsible for Clubmark. Details are below:

Chairman - Alistair Pettitt (0790933329)
Welfare Officer - Paul Durrant (07890485084)
Secretary - Colin Pratt (07770691934)
Clubmark & Memberships - Nigel Freeman-Langford (07989562851)