Grace Dieu Park Cricket Club News story


20 Oct 2020

Notice of Annual General Meeting of Grace Dieu Park Cricket Club 2020

Wednesday 28th October 2020 @ 7.30 pm


Dear member

Following the strangest cricket season that anybody has witnessed, the Club – and local cricket in general - stands at something of a crossroads. In order that we can navigate the period ahead the Committee has decided that it is appropriate to bring forward the Annual General Meeting, which would normally take place in mid-to-late November.

The three main items of business of the AGM are to receive and approve the financial accounts, to set subscriptions for the 2021 season and to appoint the Officers of the Club.

The Committee has a number of positions, most of which the Club has already received confirmation that individuals are willing to undertake. There are, however, two very important positions in which there is no current indication of interests – those of First Team and Second Team captains. Without wishing to state the obvious, these appointments are key to progression towards the 2021 season as recruitment and retention of players is something that it is best to commence as early as possible.

If you wish to put yourself forward for either of these positions, please feel free to talk to either Colin Pratt (07770 691934) or Rob Hudson (07546 853006). You will need to formally confirm your candidacy by Sunday 25th October. Whilst historically these posts have been filled by players already at the Club, if you are aware of anybody external who may be interested please ask them to make contact.

The list of positions is shown below. If you wish to be considered for any of the other posts, the deadline for this is also 25th October. In the event of a contested position there will be a vote at the AGM. Due to current COVID-19 rules the meeting will be held virtually, of which details will be circulated nearer the date.

Committee positions:

Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Welfare Officer, Youth Cricket Co-ordinator, Facilities Co-ordinator, Commercial & Events Co-ordinator, 1st Team Captain, 2nd Team Captain.  



Rob Hudson (Secretary)